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Central Tech offers many classes along with consulting and mentoring services to improve and grow businesses efficiently and profitably.

Central Tech has been part of the fiber of our area communities for over 50 years. A vital and growing segment of Central Tech’s offerings revolves around small and growing businesses.

Peter Kelly is the Small Business Coordinator for Central Tech. Kelly’s diverse business experience in banking, real estate, and agriculture are keys to his success. He shared a sentiment he learned from one of his uncles…your vocation should be part of your life’s ministry. Kelly said, “That mindset resonated with me and is the reason it is so important for me to serve and help others.”

Central Tech has an overriding goal to assist each potential entrepreneur and business in providing greater clarity in all aspects of business, from marketing and finance to operations and products. A frequent comment from class participants and consulting clients is,

“Why didn’t I partner with Central Tech sooner?”

Kelly said, “We sit down with you to learn about your business and analyze your unique needs. Through this process, we develop an understanding of the company and work with you to identify strengths and weaknesses. Once opportunities are established and prioritized, we begin developing plans to assist you in reaching your goals.”

According to Kelly, “The business climate is changing more quickly than ever. Every business has different needs, so it is imperative for us to tailor offerings and services to fit each person or business’ individual circumstances whether you have been in operation for years or are in the startup phase of business.”

To assist growing businesses, Central Tech offers business incubators. This support fosters the development of entrepreneurial companies, helping them flourish during the startup period, when they are most vulnerable.

Central Tech’s emphasis on personalized services, customized training, and interactive, engaging classes, provides solutions to help build local economies. With a focus on workforce and economic development, Central Tech quickly responds to the needs of their communities and employers.

In addition to small business services, Central Tech offers agricultural services.

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