Product Photography

Want to increase sales? The Product Photography class is a must!

Photographs play a major role in your branding. Consistency in your photos helps build recognition and trust with your customers.

The images you present to your potential customers should represent the personality, style, and emotion you want associated with your business’ brand.

This class is ideal for the busy business owner, affiliate marketer, or social media influencer ready to step up their digital marketing game.

What makes a good photo? What will I learn in this class?

  • Composition
  • Defined Subject
  • Emotion
  • Light
  • Photo Editing Adjustments
  • Storytelling
  • Supportive Foreground and Background

While Android and iPhone operating systems vary, the principles upon which you will evaluate the camera are not bound by the operating system. We will take some time to look at and analyze sample photos, giving you a visual example of the topics discussed. You’ll even have a chance to put your knowledge to work and get real-time feedback.

Bring some of your own products and put your knowledge to work in a hands-on practice session and get even more tips and feedback.

*Due to individual time needed to practice the hands-on portion, class size is limited.

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With people spending more time shopping online, product photos are critical. Your photos need to stand out and represent your brand.

Location Dates Hours Days Times Tuition Fees & Supplies Total Cost Sign Up
Campus: Drumright Campus Dates: TBD Hours: 3 Days: Th Times: 6:00p-9:00p Tuition: $25 Fees & Supplies: $0 Total Cost: $25

Social Media Marketing

The main objective of the Social Media Marketing series is to help small business owners increase awareness of their business, products, and services, both online and on location, using social media marketing tools and strategies across various popular platforms.

Participants will receive training and information on:

  • Developing content and marketing strategies
    • Discuss content dissemination and marketing strategies to consistently engage followers utilizing marketing plans, platform tools and apps
  • Knowing your audience and establishing your social media presence
    • Discuss and walk through the platforms, providing an overview and using real world examples of effective business utilization
    • Examine how to find and grow your business’ fans, followers, and customers using social media
  • Measuring impact and leveraging engagement
    • Discuss how to measure and evaluate social media impact, and cover techniques to leverage social engagement
  • Promoting your business, growing your audience, and engaging your followers
    • Discuss strategies, techniques, and tips to develop content, promote businesses and engage followers to grow your audience
  • Understanding Paid vs. Non-paid advertising
    • Cover the various paid advertising vs non-paid options on the platforms, and how to utilize and leverage them
  • Understanding the importance of Social Marketing for local and online businesses
    • Overview of popular platforms and services (ie, Facebook/Meta, Instagram, TikTok, X, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile) and the business benefits and applications of each
    • Discuss the pros and cons of each platform, and the importance of each in a business’ social media strategy
    • Cover industry statistics, trends, and future growth as it relates to small business marketing

Course materials will include various digital presentations as well as in class handouts to support the topics covered.

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Location Dates Hours Days Times Tuition Fees & Supplies Total Cost Sign Up
Campus: Drumright Campus Dates: 9/17-10/1 Hours: 6 Days: T Times: 6:00p-8:00p Tuition: $0 Fees & Supplies: $0 Total Cost: $0
Campus: 1612 S Main, Sapulpa Dates: 9/19-10/3 Hours: 6 Days: Th Times: 6:00p-8:00p Tuition: $0 Fees & Supplies: $0 Total Cost: $0