Paramedic Students Hailed As Heroes

Central Tech’s Paramedic class is in partnership with Kiamichi Technology Center.

Students must undergo a pre-clinical drug screening. A positive test or refusal will result in immediate termination from the program. Per federal regulations, medical marijuana remains a drug listed in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. It remains unacceptable for any safety‐sensitive employee subject to drug testing to hold a marijuana license.

Under the policies of National Accreditation, an OSBI background check on each student is performed. If you have felonies you may not be eligible for this program. 

Although Central Tech does not discriminate against students who do or do not receive the Covid vaccine, the vaccine is mandated by most clinical sites. The few sites that do not require the Covid vaccine require a medical or religious exemption. 

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

This program prepares EMTs to use advanced life support skills such as patient intubation and IVs used in the pre-hospital emergency care setting.

Must have current NREMT-EMT license and CPR-BLS.

Class Schedule: Monday and Wednesday classes are on campus. Friday classes are virtual.

Questions? Call 918.227.0331

Location Dates Hours Days Times Tuition Fees & Supplies Total Cost
Campus: Sapulpa Campus Dates: 8/12-12/17 Hours: 344 Days: M-W Times: 5:30p-9:30p Tuition: $900 Fees & Supplies: $700 Total Cost: $1,600


Learn basic emergency medical care and transportation through classroom and clinical experience.

EMTs are trained to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries, and accident scenes. EMTs are most commonly found working for ambulance services, emergency rooms, or fire departments.

Central Tech provides students with the training and education necessary to successfully pass the National Registry Exam and obtain National and State licensure

Class consists of 212 lecture/lab hours and 40 hours of clinical rotations. Clinical rotations will be set up by Central Tech. Training includes clinical hours completed in emergency rooms, local fire departments, and ambulance services. Clinical hours are mandatory and regulated by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH).

Students should have at least a 10th grade reading level.

EMTs provide first-line medical or emergency care for sick and injured people at the scene or while being transported to the hospital for care.

Course topics include:

  • The well-being of the EMT
  • Lifting and moving patients
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Airway management, respiration, and artificial ventilation
  • Patient assessment
  • Vital signs
  • Communication and documentation
  • Medical emergencies
  • Trauma emergencies
  • Obstetric emergencies
  • Pediatric emergencies
  • EMS operations
  • TIMS


  • High school diploma or GED
  • No felony convictions
  • Immunization records including:
    • 2 MMR
    • 3 HEP-B
    • 2 Varicella or proof of chicken pox
    • Tdap or Titers
    • TB test with negative results, some clinical sites require two
    • Current flu shot

CPR though the American Heart Association Healthcare Provider/Basic Life Support is included in this class. If you posses a current CPR card, it must be AHA CPR/BLS to be accepted in this class.

Questions? Call:
Drumright: 918.352.7622
Sapulpa: 918.227.0331

Location Dates Hours Days Times Tuition Fees & Supplies Total Cost
Campus: Sapulpa Campus Dates: 8/12-12/17 Hours: 252 Days: M/T/Th Times: 5:30p-9:30p Tuition: $800 Fees & Supplies: $700 Total Cost: $1,500
Campus: Drumright Campus Dates: 8/13-12/19 Hours: 252 Days: T/W/Th Times: 5:30p-9:30p Tuition: $800 Fees & Supplies: $700 Total Cost: $1,500


Build on your EMT license to become a paramedic.

Are you ready to perform more complex procedures? Paramedics administer drugs, insert IV lines, and provide advanced life support. You will gain knowledge on subjects such as medication, medical procedures, physiology, and cardiology so you can treat acute illnesses and injuries.

Typical responsibilities may include:

  • Prioritizing medical care at the scene of an accident to endure severely injured patients receive care first
  • Delivering babies in an emergency
  • Decompress collapsed lungs by sticking needles in the chest
  • Applying pacemakers
  • Creating airways via tracheotomy for patients who cannot breathe

This hybrid course allows you to take the:

  • Classroom section via distance learning in cooperation with Kiamichi Technology Center from either the Drumright or Sapulpa campus.
  • Skills labs are held on the Drumright campus with an instructor.
  • Specific training including your final exam is held at Kiamichi Tech’s Poteau campus.
  • Clinical rotations are arranged at various locations.

Training includes clinical hours scheduled in emergency rooms, critical care units, operating rooms, pediatrics, mental health wards, and dialysis units. You may not do clinical rotations at your place of employment.

State and federal rules and regulations require that students attend 80% of class hours and maintain a GPA of 80% on homework, quizzes, and exams. Clinical hours are mandatory and regulated by the OSDH.

Anatomy and Physiology 120 120
Paramedic Preparatory/Pharmacology 88 46 134
Paramedic Airway, Respiration, Ventilation 12 20 32
Paramedic Patient Assessment 9 16 25
Paramedic Cardiovascular 100 80 180
Trimester #2
Paramedic Medicine 53 14 67
Paramedic Trauma/Shock 69 36 105
Special Patient Populations for the Paramedic 68 22 90
Trimester #3
EMS Operations for the Paramedic 14 14 28
Paramedic Comprehensive Program Review 9 12 21
Paramedic Clinical Preceptorship/Capstone 448 448
Total 542 260 448 1,250


    • High school diploma or GED
    • Current NREMT (Basic) license
    • Six (6) months working experience
    • TABE test or equivalent
    • Physical examination
    • Vaccination records:
      • Proof of chicken pox vaccine or having had the disease
      • Current TB test (negative results) or chest x-ray
      • Proof of Hep B vaccination


      • After successful completion of the course, OSU/OKC offers up to 45 hours towards an Associate’s of Applied Science Degree in Emergency Medicine.
      • If you complete certain core courses and requirements, but fail to complete the entire program, you may qualify to sit for the EMT Advanced test.

Questions? Call 918.352.7622

Location Dates Hours Days Times Tuition Fees & Supplies Total Cost
Campus: Drumright Campus Dates: 1/21/25-June 2026 Hours: 1,250 Days: T/Th Times: 9:00a-4:30p Tuition: $3,350 Fees & Supplies: $1,850 Total Cost: $5,200