Central Tech Truck Driver Training and Freymiller Trucking receive citation from Oklahoma State Legislature

The Oklahoma State Legislature has officially recognized Central Tech and Freymiller Trucking for their collaborative efforts in launching the transformative Second Chance Program, which provides justice-involved individuals with critical skills and opportunities in the trucking industry. 

Central Tech’s Truck Driver Training program has garnered state-wide appreciation for its unique approach to supporting individuals transitioning from incarceration to productive community life. The program focuses on equipping these individuals with employable skills, particularly in acquiring a Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), a credential in high demand within the trucking sector. 

Central Tech’s partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Oklahoma CareerTech, and Freymiller, a leading name in the transportation industry, has been pivotal in the execution of this educational initiative. Freymiller, with its over fifty years of excellence in transportation, has long been committed to community development and workforce advancement. This partnership culminated in the creation of the Second Chance Program. 

John Thorpe, director of Truck Driving Training at Central Tech, stated, “This partnership is more than just training; it’s about transforming lives and breaking the cycle of re-incarceration. We are proud to work alongside Freymiller, Oklahoma CareerTech, and the Department of Corrections in this vital initiative.” 

Upon completing the training at Central Tech and joining Freymiller, graduates not only embark on a career in a lucrative trade but also gain a chance to redefine their life paths. This program stands as a testament to Freymiller’s dedication to providing opportunities for those often overlooked by society. 

Mark Endriss, dedicated instructor of Central Tech’s Second Chance Program shared, “When I first started teaching the Second Chance students, I was full of apprehension, unsure of what to expect. But the journey has been profoundly rewarding. These individuals, coming from diverse backgrounds, have shown immense respect and gratitude. They constantly thank me for believing in them, for seeing their potential beyond their past. It’s a privilege to witness their transformation and to be a part of their journey towards a hopeful future.” 

Don Freymiller, the founder, and David Freymiller, CEO of the family-owned company, have expressed gratitude towards the state of Oklahoma for its continuous support of the trucking industry. Their innovative plan reflects a strong commitment to give back to the state by addressing workforce needs and the truck driver shortage. 

In recognition of this impactful collaboration, Central Tech has awarded Freymiller the title of their 2023 Partner in Progress. The Oklahoma State Legislature, acknowledging the significance of this partnership and its contributions to the community, has extended sincere congratulations to both organizations. The citation, undersigned by notable state legislators including Senator Todd Gollihare, Senator Tom Dugger, Senator Grant Green, Senator Michael Brooks, Representative Mark Lawson, Representative Ty Burns, Representative John Talley, Representative Jon Echols, Representative Kevin Wallace, and Speaker Pro Tempore Kyle Hilbert. symbolizes the state’s support and appreciation for initiatives that foster community development and economic progress.