Central Tech alumnus Peter Sansing standing in front of the Google building where he works

Since the fifth grade, Google Data Center Technician Peter Sansing knew exactly what he wanted for his future career. “Our teacher made us write an essay about what we want to do when we grow up. Funny enough, in my essay I wrote ‘I want to work on computers and the internet,’” said Sansing with a chuckle. 

While the end goal of working in I.T. was always clear to him, it wasn’t until high school that Sansing discovered the path that would lead him to achieve his ultimate dream of working for Google at their data center in Pryor, Oklahoma. 

Kellyville Public School District, where Sansing attended high school, has partnered with Central Technology Center for decades to offer concurrent enrollment to high school students for free. Excited about the opportunity to learn more about the industry he aspired to work in, Sansing completed both the Business Information Technology and Network Security & Administration programs before graduating.  

Through the technology center’s programs, Sansing and his classmates had the opportunity to take field trips to work on client hardware in the field, getting first hand experience to apply the skills they learned in class and labs. 

“Those types of hands-on opportunities to build our skills out in the field were amazing,” said Sansing. “It definitely built the foundation that helped me move forward in my career. I was also able to have the choice of taking Central Tech with concurrent credits hours to either begin a college degree program or to use what I had learned to get my certifications and start my career immediately. I personally ended up going straight into the I.T. field after graduating high school and am glad I had that option.” 

When asked if he had a particularly impactful instructor, Sansing was quick to answer: Brian Babcock. Babcock, or “B” as his students affectionately call him, was instrumental in shaping Sansing’s career path.  “He has this ability to teach people with a wide variety of learning styles,” said Sansing. “He really learns who each person is, and then tailors their learning experience to that student. It’s a skill that not many instructors have.”  

Sansing got a taste of what it was like to be a Googler in 2017, when he worked as a temporary contractor for six months. The contract came to an end, but Sansing was hooked.  

After applying several times over the years, he finally landed a job at the Google data center in 2022 as a network administrator, supporting, managing, and maintaining networks and servers. “I have enjoyed every day as a Googler ever since,” said Sansing. “There are so many great perks about working here, but the overall work culture is probably my favorite thing. Everyone has your back, and we all work together as a team.” 

Leadership at Google recognizes the importance of a skilled workforce, which aids in their ability to hire local talent.  

“Google is proud to employ hundreds of hardworking Oklahomans at our data center in Mayes County since 2011,” Google Oklahoma Data Center Site Lead Paul Juarez said. “Our data center Googlers work in a variety of roles, from computer technicians and engineers to food services, maintenance, and security. The focus of Oklahoma CareerTech to develop a skilled workforce makes a difference to companies like Google who prioritize hiring from within the community. Hiring local is not only good for business, it’s the right thing to do.” 

Over 94% of Oklahoma CareerTech graduates like Sansing have positive placement after completing their program or certification, meaning they are either employed, join the military or continue their education. 

“We are immensely proud of Peter’s success and the countless other graduates whose training at Central Tech has paved the way for their professional achievements,” said Central Tech Superintendent Kent Burris. “Peter’s story exemplifies our commitment to equipping our students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their chosen fields. It’s gratifying to see our graduates, like Peter, not only secure jobs but thrive at companies like Google, demonstrating the caliber of education and training provided in Oklahoma’s CareerTech system.” 

Professionalism, workplace etiquette, communication, and hardware and network troubleshooting are all skills that Sansing said he uses regularly at his job. “Basically I apply almost everything I learned from my time at Central Tech on a daily or weekly basis here at work,” said Sansing. “The courses are geared toward certification and are designed for you to get out of it what you put in. So if you are hard working and get your classwork done, Central Tech will help you get the certification that you need.” 

“To look back and see that I am still on that career path I set out on in fifth grade, working on computers and on the internet, and to be working for one of the top companies in the world, it has definitely been a unique and fulfilling experience. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without Central Tech.”