According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, by the year 2020, there will be a shortage of approximately 800,000 nurses. The Journal of Global Health Care Systems is concerned that with an aging population, there are more nurses retiring without new ones to replace them. Central Tech is working to help close that gap. Practical Nursing prepares students to be licensed practical nurses which are important members of the healthcare team.


For more than five years, students graduating from the Central Tech Practical Nursing program have achieved a one hundred percent pass rate on their NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination) exams.


The Central Tech Practical Nursing (PN) program is open to adults and is offered on both the Drumright and Sapulpa campuses. Students learn how to administer medications and treatments as prescribed under the supervision of a registered nurse, licensed physician, or dentist.


Students practice their skills on a SimMan before working on a human. The state-of-the-art mannequin exhibits symptoms and ailments delivering realistic training; it can breathe, talk to the student, and even give birth. The instructor programs a scenario into the mannequin so the students can practice skills in a lab setting before they do their actual clinicals with real people.


Dr. James Buchinger is an OB/GYN at Hillcrest Hospital in Cushing, OK and serves on the PN Advisory Board and says, “Central Tech sends us great student candidates.”


There are several paths to becoming an licensed practical nurse (LPN). Students may begin their training in the Health Careers or Medical Assisting programs while still in high school and then continue their education. Adults may enroll in individual health classes like Concepts of Nursing or Medical Terminology which count toward hours in the LPN program. If adult students take the Certified Nurse Aide program and become certified, that also counts toward points on the LPN application and if they work for six months, that incurs even more entrance points.


“I graduated from the Central Tech Practical Nursing program and had all positive experiences. I felt like I was very ready to go out into the field,” said former student Mallory Flood. Flood is currently a nurse at Homestead Medical Clinic in Bristow, OK.


New Practical Nursing classes will begin in 2016. For the Drumright campus, the application deadline is January 15, 2016, orientation is on February 18, 2016, and class begins March 24, 2016. For the Sapulpa campus, the application deadline is February 12, 2016, orientation is March 10, 2016, and class begins April 14, 2016.


To learn more about Practical Nursing, visit the free health fair on the Drumright and Sapulpa campus during the Central Tech Open House on Sunday, February 14 from 1-4 p.m.