Central Tech inducted 144 students into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) during a ceremony April 12th at the Drumright campus. “The National Technical Honor Society currently serves approximately 100,000 active members and nearly a million members since its inception in 1984. Awarding over $1.7 million in scholarships to date, NTHS honors the achievements of top CTE students, provides scholarships to encourage the pursuit of higher education, and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive, skilled workforce. For over 30 years, NTHS has been the acknowledged leader in the recognition of outstanding student achievement in career and technical education,” according to NTHS.org. Central Tech is proud to strengthen the school’s chapter with the addition of so many students. Congratulations!

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1-Mercedes Thornbrugh-Kellyville; 2-Raena Jones-Bristow; 3-Megan Couldter-Bristow; 4-Madison Barrett; 5-Brock Boomer-Bristow; 6-Carson Witty-Bristow; 7-Trevor Palmer-Kellyville; 8-Chandler Bess-Bristow


1-Kayce Taylor-Cleveland; 2-KaSandra Stokes-Jennings; 3-Austin Conner-Cleveland; 4-Thomas Beaty-Cleveland; 5-Zachery Ackart-Cleveland; 6-Payton Fack-Cleveland; 7-Mackinzie Nelson-Cleveland; 8-Jessie Merrifield-Cleveland; 9-David Casey-Hominy; 10-Seth Bevill-Cleveland; 11-Jerika Brown-Cleveland; 12-Brandon Bazzle-Cleveland; 13-Stephanie Lemmons-Cleveland; 14-William Peterson-Cleveland; 15-Alexander Davis-Cleveland; 16-Bryson Ostrowski-Cleveland; 17-Brandi Elliot-Cleveland; 18-John Taylor-Cleveland


1-Coleman Howe, Stillwater; 2-Kayla Dees, Cushing; 3-Shawna Doyle, Cushing; 4-Sage Thomas, Ripley; 5-Lydia Shannon, Ripley; 6-Keri Watts, Ripley; 7-Jacob Sherwood, Cushing; 8-Charles Slayton, Cushing; 9-Saeble Harp, Cushing; 10-Lani Howard, Cushing; 11-Skyler Fairbanks, Cushing; 12-Daniel Franklin, Cushing; 13-Lake Will, Ripley; 14-Nathaniel Hancock, Ripley; 15-Jacob Terrell, Ripley; 16-Riddhi Patel, Cushing


1-Colton January, Mannford; 2-Hailey Kirk, Mannford; 3-Sydnie Carter, Mannford; 4-Kacie Gruver, Mannford; 5-Ashley Clark, Mannford; 6-Makayla Wilbourn, Mannford; 7-Nicole Wilbourn, Mannford; 8-Morgan Winton, Mannford; 9-Angel Corral, Mannford; 10-Matt Shinn, Mannford; 11-Nathaniel Minet, Mannford; 12-Diego Perea, Mannford


1-Justin Marlin, Bristow; 2-Cody Sands, Depew; 3-Sara Jackson, Stroud; 4-Precious Alexander, Depew; 5-Ashton Adams, Depew; 6-Nicholas Wilkerson, Depew; 7-Micah Day, Stroud; 8-Alicya Griffith, Stroud; 9-Jesse Holland, Davenport; 10-Eric Swift, Stroud; 11-Logan Richardson, Davenport


1-Abbie Brown, Drumright; 2-Trisha Hunziker, Drumright; 3-Kalie Roscoe, Drumright; 4-Samantha Stokes, Oilton; 5-Alyssa Pierce, Drumright; 6-Cheyenne Harper, Drumright; 7-Kaden Hallman, Drumright; 8-Parker Griffith, Cushing; 9-Micah McCombs, Oilton


1-Alison Gash, Olive; 2-Jeri Dodson, Yale; 3-Tasha Stewart, Yale; 4-Nicole Brokaw, Yale; 5-Hunter Hodson, Olive; 6-Blaze Miller, Cleveland; 7-Tristan Sartarius, Olive; 8-Gage Morrow, Yale; 9-Rusty Sisco Yale; 10-Dyllon Stafford, Yale; 11-Mason Moore, Yale


1-Dylan Brumfield, Hominy; 2-Matthew McClatchey, Wynona


1-Brittney Anson, Kiefer; 2-Mikayla Godwin, Kiefer; 3-Joseph Reed, Kiefer; 4-Honesty Anderson, Mounds; 5-Sarah Parham, Sapulpa; 6-Makena Acton, Kiefer; 7-Austin Wilcox, Kiefer; 8-Logan Jones, Sapulpa; 9-Noah Warren, Kiefe