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For those with an ag business & those who just like ag.

Central Tech is often associated with students, particularly high school students, but did you know they serve businesses as well? Even more specifically, agricultural businesses? 

Whitney Harrison coordinates the Agricultural Business Management Program at Central Tech. They offer various specialized trainings and one-on-one consulting to agri-businesses.

“Being the owner of a farm operation myself, I understand how overwhelming it can all be. As agri-business coordinator, my goal, is to help all agricultural businesses succeed.”  

As with any industry, Oklahoma farmers and ranchers are struggling with increasing costs and weather conditions. It’s not as easy as turning on a sprinkler to water our hay ground or pasture grass. Every day producers make decisions that drastically impact their operation’s future. Do we fertilize? How many cows do we sell? Or the harsh question, how much longer can we hang on? These are tough decisions to make, but with help and education, they can be a little easier. 

Harrison says, “I am prepared to assist with record keeping practices such as Quicken, financial education including financial statements, hands-on workshops from beekeeping to cattle handling, to production improvements such as reading a bull’s EPD’s and how that impacts calf crop.”  

A sneak peek at her October classes revealed that artificial insemination, ag finance, and floral design are coming up.

In addition to agri-business classes, Central Tech offers small business and entrepreneurial workshops.

September Start Dates: 

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