photo of plan runway

As the aviation industry continues to grow across the state of Oklahoma, local aviation companies began contacting Central Tech regarding their struggle to find workers. 

To grow their own labor force and expand the pool of qualified applicants surrounding the Bristow and Stroud area, Consolidated Turbine Specialists, Mint Turbines, PAS MRO, and Vertical Aerospace, partnered with Central Tech to find a solution for hiring a skilled workforce. 

“To meet the training and employment needs, we worked with the aviation companies to create a 14-course pathway that will begin in February. The class will meet two nights a week, three hours a night, for 10 months,” said Mark Cotner, assistant superintendent of Central Tech.  

Aviation Maintenance classes will be taught by employees from the partnering companies who are hiring. Students can enroll at the beginning of any of the 14 classes, so they do not have to start in February.  

By choosing curriculum and teaching classes, this training gives companies and students the opportunity to learn the skills needed for the job. In addition, Cotner said, “companies and students can treat the class like a job interview. We expect companies to hire students before they complete the pathway.”  

“What a win this is for people who live in the area,” said Cotner. “Students learn a great skillset and become gainfully employed locally. This gives individuals more time with their family, saves money on travel expense, and allows them to become more involved in their community.” 

Central Tech responds to industry specific needs. The aviation maintenance technician program is just one way they take training directly to the communities.  

“We will continue to identify high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand jobs where we can increase offerings based on need and meet the demands of the workforce,” said Cotner.  

If you are a company in need of employee training or building your workforce, please contact Peter Kelly at