With the Prue annexation into the Central Technology Center School District last October, administrators for both schools have been working out details including high school student transportation for Fall 2018.


High school students have more class options, including a direct link to their future careers. “Many of our students graduate without being career-ready. They wake up after graduation and think, ‘Now what?’ With the addition of Central Tech, students can jumpstart their future, create a plan for what they want to do, and a pathway to get there,” said Craig Thurman, principal of Prue Public Schools. “I’m excited to give our students that opportunity. The Central Tech path is exactly what we’ve been missing.”


Adult students are already enrolling in classes, saving 50 percent on courses since they now pay in-district tuition.


“Residents can now receive all the benefits of annexation including free instructional programs and support services for high school students and recent graduates, in-district tuition for adults, as well as a more educated workforce, which is an asset to the entire community,” said Ron Dyer, superintendent of Central Tech. “We are excited Prue has become a part of the Central Tech family.”


With the addition of Prue, Central Tech’s district now includes 25 communities and 18 sending high schools.


Prue recognized the need for career and technical education and took a stand to elevate, educate and empower their community to support the annexation. This is a big victory for Central Tech and the residents of Prue.